Plymouth Belvedere, 1970-72 V8 SB Aluminum Radiator

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Core Upgrade

2 Rows of 1.25″ Fits most aluminum models

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While others piece together an aluminum radiator or boast about rib patterns that are little more than dimples in flat stock, U.S. Radiators Desert Cooler all-aluminum performance radiators are meticulously engineered for form, fit and high performance cooling. Each component is precisely die stamped in accordance to original equipment look and fit and engineered for maximum cooling and durability.


  • Original appearance and OE mounting (except on special conversion radiators).
  • Application specific, not a universal brand.
  • 2 row 1″ tube high efficiency core design.
  • All aluminum construction, no epoxy.
  • Comparable heat transfer to any 2 row aluminum radiator in the market.
  • Die stamped components to eliminate weld related failures, while providing uniform high standard quality.
  • Weight

    40 lbs


    V8 SB

    Core Size

    17-3/4 x 26

    Airflow Type


    Inlet Size







    Plymouth Belvedere

    Outlet Size



    Fan Shroud Flange Blank, Must Drill Holes For Mounting


    1970, 1971, 1972

    Transmission Cooler Size

    10×1/8 NPT

    Factory AC

    N/A, No, Yes


    High Efficiency, High Efficiency with Tripleflow

    Transmission Cooler (Built In)

    No, Yes



    Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to:

    Understanding Different Cores

    Standard Automotive Core Highlights

    Based on 60's style core with 1/2" tubes on 9/16" centers; the standard automotive core units are drop-in, stock replacements. Made from all new material they offer the highest quality for your stock application.
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    High Efficiency Core Highlights

    Copper 80's style core with 1/2" tubes on 3/8" centers. Increased cooling efficiency without modifications to car. 4 row High Efficiency offers more cooling efficiency than aluminum cores due to tubes on 3/8" centers. Copper/brass construction to ensure dependability.
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    High Efficiency Tripleflow Core Highlights

    By re-routing the coolant through the core three times the coolant travels farther in the temperature reducing air-flow and the additional time spent dropping temperature results in amazing heat transfer rates. Copper/brass construction to ensure dependability. (note: Tripleflow option requires that inlet and outlet be on opposite sides and must use auxiliary tranny cooler for automatic transmission vehicles)
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    Optima Core Highlights

    Extreme style copper core with 1/2" tubes on 5/16" centers. Offers 40% more heat transfer points. The most efficient core on the market when combined with increased air-flow and our Tripleflow option (note: In almost all cases, we will not sell the Optima core without the Tripleflow option. Our Tripleflow option requires that inlet and outlet be on opposite sides and must use auxillary tranny cooler for automatic transmission vehicles).
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