February 7, 2024

Norra Mexican 1000 Race Scout

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Vintage Race Scout Program

By Sean Barber; Anything Scout / Vintage Race Scout Program

The baja peninsula is the ultimate proving ground for a 4×4 vehicle. The team at Anything Scout decided to tap into the roots and heritage of the IH Scout and built a vintage class period correct race Scout! The Race Terra! Or more affectionately known as El Tractor got selected for the job! We worked with our proven suppliers to get the best parts possible, parts that could withstand the 1000+ mile challenge of Baja’s finest terrain! The US radiator brass radiator performed to perfection! Engine temps never went above 180 and there were no cooling system issues! The US radiator brass radiator played a key role in helping us get to our 2nd place class finish! Breakdowns can kill your race and we had no issues other than a few flat tires and some loose bolts! If you need the most reliable cooling centerpiece, I’d sacrifice a little weight and run a brass 3 core US radiator! See you back in Baja in 2024.