October 11, 2023

I’m a happy cruiser again!

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Then years ago, I upgraded to a 494″ race gas engine at 12.5:1. It is a streetcar with a best 1/4 mile time of 10.76 @ 126 mph. I utilized the same large factory cooling system that ran with my 383. The thermostat could not control the coolant temperature on the bigger and higher compression engine. It constantly ran hot. Car cruises were miserable on a warm day. I never drove the car without staring at my temperature gauge.]

Then I ordered a 26″ Mopar radiator from U.S. Radiator. I wanted a mechanical solution instead of opting for an aluminum radiator and electric fans.  I purchased the Optima with a Triple pass. It was a direct drop-in radiator. It looks exactly like the factory original and fits perfectly with the factory mounting holes on my core support and shroud. The car takes longer to get up to temperature and never ever rises above 180 degrees, whether it is idling in a cruise or running down the track. I’m a happy cruiser again.

Thank you U.S. Radiator!

Tom B.